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Workers of today expect a more modern approach when interacting with Business as Usual operations – whether they are in the office or remote. Our Modern Workplace solutions group together a core suite of services that will improve security and compliance, enhance user productivity, and improve existing collaboration and communication techniques.

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Thousands of businesses have trusted us with their IT portfolio management for the last 20 years.


There are a variety of benefits to choosing Camwood to help your business

Increased Security and Compliance whether working in the office or remotely
Secure Work from Anywhere. Enable your employees to perform in their roles where ever they are
Increase productivity and team connectivity to achieve key business goals.

Our modern Workplace solutions

Evergreen IT Managed Service

With Microsoft introducing Windows-as-a-Service to deploy, update, and service the Windows 10 operating system, it’s more important than ever to determine an efficient and agile strategy for Evergreen IT to ensure your organisation remains competitive, compliant and secure

Modern Workplace Accelerators

As flexible working becomes more permanent, it is important to ensure that the Remote Access and Collaboration tools deployed are industrialised to support the organisation over the longer term, and that their inherent benefits are realised 

windows virtual

Our service offers a complete Windows Virtual Desktop rapid deployment model as well as ongoing management. Ensuring that the environment is highly governed, secure and fully optimised to make the most out of the Cloud based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

windows 10 Services

Keeping your users, software and hardware up to date with Windows 10 Evergreen is a new challenge for IT departments. With over 20 years’ experience, Camwood’s Windows 10 Services allow you to digitally evolve your enterprise and keep your platforms current.

Microsoft 365

We can help you navigate the path to integrate your existing services with Office 365 and transition your workloads in line with the priorities of your business. Starting with our advisory service, through to design and migration planning and finishing with the migration itself, we ensure a smooth transition for your business.

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