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06 October 2023

Hybrid era challenges: Placing the power back into the hands of the IT department

The age of remote working has made way for the hybrid era. In February 2022, a survey by the Office for National Stat...
04 October 2023

Office to Edge to Hybrid

As many organisations wrangle with the ‘great resignation’ that is trending on social media, how do they ensure emplo...
01 October 2023

Why applications must be part of the business approach from the outset

Many senior decision-makers within organisations today see applications as deeply technical, complex and niche. As a ...
03 July 2023

Challenges of Moving to AVD

Moving to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop) can bring numerous benefits, bu...
19 June 2023

Quick Wins for the CFO To Stop It Spending From Spiralling out of Control

It may come as a surprise for finance leaders to learn that the majority of IT applications are managed by the busine...
02 June 2023

You Can't Migrate What You Don't Know

Can you imagine a fleet manager not knowing how many vehicles they have, what models they were or who was driving the...
01 June 2023

Can you ever remain compliant if you don’t keep on top of your applications?

Businesses are embracing the cloud for its scalability, flexibility and productivity benefits, but the ever-more stri...