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AVD Adoption

Moving to Azure Virtual Desktop offers a flexible work environment and provides a modern end-user with beneficial cost savings and no security compromises. However, applications are often overlooked when moving to Azure Virtual Desktop which results in projects incurring costly delays.

Ensuring that all applications required by users are compatible with AVD can be a significant challenge. Some applications may require modifications or updates to function properly in a virtualised environment.

Camwood can accelerate both adoption and migration by automatically packaging, testing and deploying applications to your Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

62% of AVD projects are delayed

by 3-6 months due to application issues


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AVD Readiness Services

To enable employees with access anywhere on any device, assessing the environment’s readiness for AVD is critical.
  • Readiness Audit

    • Audit and rationalise application estate
    • Scope a new AVD environment: identify application candidates, device clients, image types, networking considerations
    • Provide a clear migration transition path with project timescales, cloud adoption and costs
The Readiness Audit provides the insight on what collaboration and productivity applications employees need on their Azure Virtual Desktop, as well as scoping how to make it both scalable and secure. It prepares the best post user experience by defining user groups, autoscale thresholds, validating design and planning builds for deployment.


is key to move ahead


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The Camwood AVD Modernisation Service

Camwoods’ AVD Modernisation Service converts identified AVD application candidates, and modernises them into new packaging formats so that they will work and can be successfully deployed in the new optimised environment.
  • Manage and deploy new virtualised environment
  • Modernise suitable application candidates for use with AVD
  • Prioritise and manage end user adoption approach

Let the experts make sure

you’re always up to date


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AVD Managed Service

Camwood’s Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Service provides proactive management of your AVD environment, keeping it up to date, maintained and secure.
  • Application management – create and manage all your applications, make sure they’re the latest version and don’t fall foul of end of life, end of support or warranty issues

  • MSIX AppAttach integration – package core business applications into MSIX and integrate into MSIX AppAttach

  • Platform optimisation – continuous monitoring and insight of AVD environment

  • Licensing Services:

    • Software asset management to allow the tracking, maintenance, utilisation, optimisation, disposal and management of software applications
    • Consolidation of software being used and rationalisation to reduce costs
Removing the administrative overhead of your IT operations staff, Camwood do all the heavy lifting by managing devices, users and applications to ensure that your Microsoft Azure Public Cloud AVD environment is optimised, secure and compliant.


  • Enables employees with access anywhere on any device

  • Smart workflows to efficiently and quickly manage the entire AVD migration process
  • All patching and application packaging taken care of
  • Continually monitor and optimise your Azure consumption
  • Ensure effective return on resource and financial investment
  • Keep up to date with best practice and compliance, whilst mitigating risk

Customer Success

  • reduce the cost of Azure infrastructure by up to 75%
  • the existing Azure footprint can be utilized to deploy the AVD environment quicker and support it in the same environment as other IT resources.  This reduces the time to deployment and engineering costs involved in the process.
  • 38% savings on auto-scaler deployment 
  • On-going cost and resource optimisation