Application COMpatibility testing

Camwood has a variety of compatibility testing options that can take your approved Rationalised Application List (RAL) and run a Windows 10 Compatibility assessment using automated testing software and Camwood databases.

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Key Benefits

Compatibility testing brings a wide range of benefits to your team and your business:

Simplify, centralize, and automate your application compatibility testing.
Understand application performance impact prior to installing an update.
Leverage automation to reduce uncertainty, downtime, and risk.
Adopt technology faster by testing applications at scale against any OS image available.
Ensure applications perform as expected in all workspaces.
Leverage automation to reduce uncertainty, downtime, and risk.

TOp line process

Camwood will be able to automate the testing of circa 1000 applications per week. Each application will be presented with a RAG status and all applications with recorded compatibility issues will be highlighted to the project team for escalation.

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