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Lifecycle Consulting

Optimise and manage

modern technology

Migration is just the start of optimising modern technology. Keeping up to date, secure, compliant and relevant is critical. Typically this can be a complex and costly challenge with many simply not having the tools, people or processes in place.

Camwood Application Lifecycle Consulting provides ongoing management and best practice in a number of areas:
  • Application Lifecycle management
  • Licensing Optimisation
  • Chrome Flex Operating System readiness
  • ARM readiness
It offers maintenance, optimisation and intelligence across people, processes, tools and technology from experts in applications and modern technology.

Making appliction lifecycle management

business as usual


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Camwood will provide a consulting engagement encompassing a full review of how a customer’s application estate is managed from Request through to Retirement. The engagement will include a thorough analysis and documented output looking at the ‘as-is’ environment from a People, Process, Partners, Systems & Technology perspective. A gap analysis will then be conducted against Best Practice and recommendations for improvement will be delivered.

The assessment will follow a three phased approach:

Discovery - The Discovery phase utilises expert levels of consultancy to capture a technical, operational, and commercial (where applicable) baseline of the end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in place today. Meetings with key stakeholders across multiple departments and access to data and systems will be required during this phase.

Analysis - All data collected through the Discovery phase is analysed using our internally developed Camwood methodology and scored against Best Practice capabilities for ALM delivery. The output of this phase is a Gap Analysis, showing a score compared to Best Practice.

Recommendations – Based upon the gaps identified at the analysis stage, Camwood will provide practical recommendations for improving the ALM capability for the business. These will be categorised into short, medium and long term priorities. Quick wins, that deliver rapid benefit at a sensible cost, will also be highlighted.

Shadow IT accounts

for 30-40% of it spend


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All data collected through the Discovery phase is analysed using our internally developed Camwood methodology and scored against Best Practice capabilities for ALM delivery. The output of this phase is a Gap Analysis, showing a score compared to Best Practice.


  • Map the current capability identified in the Discovery phase against Camwood’s Industry Best Practice methodology

  • Perform a Gap Analysis based for “Current Capability” process Verses “Best Practice”
  • Provide a Score on “Current Capability” process Verses “Best Practice”



  • Provide a detailed report covering the output of the discovery and analysis from a People, Process, Partners, Systems & Technology perspective
  • Provide a report of ‘quick win’ recommendations that can be deployed immediately and have an improved impact on Application Lifecycle management
  • Provide an Applications Standards Best Practice document

Let the experts make sure

you’re always up to date


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Camwood will plan, test and deploy any update or upgrade to your modern workforce environment, and providing full lifecycle application management from inception to end of life, including upgrades.
  • automated deployment of updates and upgrades integrated into BAU systems
  • application packaging to modern formats to support application configuration standards
  • automated testing of all future update releases, providing reduced risk and improved compliance within your estate
  • requirements are mapped to your release management process to ensure ongoing organisational compliance
  • service guarantees to ensures the immediate release and implementation of updates to protect you from security vulnerabilities and guaranteeing service availability
  • analytics and status reports demonstrating compliance and security across your estate
This service ensures the correct process are in place to keep up to date with regular updates and replaces the lengthy and complex procedures with automated device and application compatibility. You’ll benefit from faster deployment of new updates released across the Modern Workplace stack, improve security and compliance and reduce costs.


  • 70% average time saved across semi-annual channel, quality update and application release cycles
  • 50% cost reduction across specialist contractors, legacy systems and expensive audits
  • Superior end user experience with less downtime and minimised disruption during deployment
  • Reduce shadow IT and application bloat

Customer Success


  • Multinational Engineering Company
  • 65,000+ users
  • 104,000 unique applications rationalised to 3,900
  • Reduction in time to request new application package from 23 days to 5 days



Application Lifecycle Management consultancy review against industry best practice


Short, medium and long term recommendations for governance, tooling, architecture, process, service management and release management
96 %
Clearly defined process for application modernisation based upon 96% reduction in application estate

Cost Reduction

Reduction in cost to support