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Remove application chaos

with Camwood Application Services

Whether you are looking to adopt modern technology and planning a large-scale migration or are needing help with the ongoing management of your application and IT estate, Camwood can help.

Our application services range from identifying what you have got versus what you need with our audit and rationalisation services, ensuring your applications will work in the new environment. Our compatibility testing and modern packaging services, through to proactive lifecycle management of the optimised estate, help you keep up to date, secure and compliant.

It sounds complicated but with our assess, modernise and manage framework, we make application chaos a thing of the past.

You Can’t Migrate What You Don't Know


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Before you start any upgrade or migration project, you need to have a clear picture of your application portfolio, infrastructure, business processes and software, and know what you have versus what you need. Not always a simple thing to achieve with businesses typically suffering from severe application bloat.

  • Audit your entire application estate
  • Build a single view of all your applications
  • Analyse application view and apply criteria
  • Map allocation to users and devices
  • Identify candidates for rationalisation

Application Audit & Rationalisation enables you to audit your application estate then review and rationalise applications ahead of performing other activities, so you only take forward applications you still need. It is also a good practice that helps to minimise vulnerabilities on your devices and to save money.

To benefit from new technology

you need your applications to work


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When adopting modern workplace technologies, you can’t assume that existing applications will work. Understanding this compatibility is critical so that a remediation plan can be established to test and repackage applications into the correct packaging format so that they work on any optimised environment or device.

  • Application Compatibility & Testing – assessing installation and configuration so you know and can prioritise which applications need updating

  • Application Packaging – packaging or sequencing an application into a modern format such as MSIX or Intune wrap

  • User Acceptance Testing – managing the process to ensure that the application works functionally as expected on the target operating system

Having a clear plan for modernising applications is vital in adopting new technologies and delivering exceptional user experiences, but to do this you need to understand application compatibility and how business critical they are so as to prioritise, manage and deploy them in line with business workloads.

It’s not a one off.

Ongoing management will keep you efficient & secure


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Application lifecycle management ensures that the hard work that has been done rationalising and modernising your application estate doesn’t go to waste. As more and more modern technologies emerge, keeping your application estate up to date, secure and working is critical.
  • Application Portfolio Management – discover, analyse and recommend best practice

  • Patch Management – maintaining the security of your applications and seamlessly enabling feature updates in line with emerging security standards (e.g. cyber essentials)

  • User Acceptance Testing – managing the process to ensure that the application works functionally as expected on the target operating system

  • Evergreen Compatibility – ongoing compatibility testing for all applications against new feature release and security updates

  • Intelligent Security – vulnerability remediation and threat identity

Don’t let your application estate delay your BAU teams and cost you time and money. Application Lifecycle Management takes care of everything from feature or operating system updates, installing new applications or new format requirements, through to ensuring vulnerabilities are eliminated and your applications are secure. All done proactively by a team of experts who live and breathe applications.


  • Save maintenance and licensing costs
  • Control application bloat
  • Identify and remediate security vulnerabilities
  • Create seamless migration to Windows 11 and MSIX
  • Reduce time and engineering costs

Customer Success


  • Multinational Defence Company
  • 50,000+ users
  • 4000 applications


4 days

application packaging reduced from 21 days to 4 days
81 %
time saving
30 %
cost reduction