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Taken Care Of

  • Are applications delaying your migration project costing time and money?
  • Is application, end user and device readiness delaying your upgrade to Windows 11?
  • Are you struggling to adopt Microsoft AVD because of applications?
  • Do you need to modernise applications to deploy Intune?
  • Are you looking to make application lifecycle management a BAU process?
33 %
of devices not able to run on Windows 11
62 %
of projects are delayed 3-6 months as a result of applications
40 %
rise in migration costs due to issues with applications
54 %
of CIOs do not know the number of applications in their estate

What we do

At Camwood we assess, modernise and manage applications for the modern workplace.

We help you understand what you’ve got, what you need and where you need to go in order to adopt and accelerate value from these modern technologies. We stop application chaos from delaying migration plans, update and modernise technology that is outdated and help keep you optimised and secure with ongoing support.

Think of us as your application modernisation experts who ensure the road to adopting modern technology, isn’t held up by applications.

You Can’t Migrate What You Don't Know

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Our Services

There are many things that can delay or stop a migration project, your IT and application estate doesn’t need to be one of them.

We’ve identified 5 common scenarios we can help you with.

Application Chaos

Application Chaos

Windows 11 Readiness

Windows 11 Readiness

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop

Intune & M365


Lifecycle Consulting

Application Lifecycle Consulting

No matter where you are on this journey to adopting modern technology, Camwood can help you assess where you are and where you need to be. This will smooth the transition through modernisation and ensure efficiency moving forward with ongoing management.

46 %
of IT leaders believe the purchase of unsanctioned software makes it impossible to protect their data
30 %
cost savings
56 %
of applications are managed outside of the IT department
95 %
reduction in applications post rationalisation

Don’t Let Applications Hold You Up

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How can we help

Every business is at a different stage of adopting modern technology, and the IT landscape challenge will be unique to them. Regardless of the starting point, our 3 step ‘Road to Modernisation’ framework will ensure that your applications won’t hold you up.

And the output?

Making sure you’re ready and able to optimise and benefit from new and emerging modern technologies.


years experience




million apps modernised and managed


million users migrated

Partner and channel friendly sales and delivery model

Recognised innovator of services for clients (AppDNA sold to Citrix in 2008)

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Our Clients

Thousands of businesses have trusted us with their IT portfolio managemnet for the last 20 years.

Our Partners

Camwood has partnered with best of breed ISVs and Technology providers to ensure our services are efficient, automated and leading edge.
  • flexera

"As a strategic partner, Camwood has been an invaluable asset to our Workplace line of business. I would characterise the pillars of our successful partnership as mutual alignment, collaboration and support, unmatched expertise, and a shared vision for success.

The value we have received from the partnership has been significant, Camwood’s solutions and expertise underpin both our Windows 11 readiness and Application Modernisation go to market offerings. This has driven tangible results for our mutual clients; helping to propel our business forward.

We truly feel the Camwood team are a powerful extension of our sales and delivery capability, we are confident in our joint plans for the future and look forward to continued success together."

Camwood Partner