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Windows as a service

Camwood has recently had the privilege of presenting at the Microsoft “The Time is Now” event in London and the “Windows 10 Deployment” event in Edinburgh. We discussed the intelligent approach to Application Migration and addressed, with our partner Cloudhouse, the challenges that organisations are facing when migrating to Windows 10.

With hundreds of IT and business professionals in the audiences, there were without doubt major concerns around both Application Suitability and the impact of Windows as a Service from an ITIL perspective.

Application Compatibility problem? There’s a solution

If you think you have an application compatibility problem, it will always depend on where you are coming from and where you are going to. Whatever you do, you will need total application intelligence of the estate, including factors that are often overlooked such as: the end of life status, the next version available, who uses the application, why they need it and the application’s technical, business and service dependencies.

Microsoft Upgrade Analytics is a powerful tool that will take you some way on the journey, however, you really do need to layer on extra information to be able to see the complete picture. Have a look at www.rimo3.com.

If Application Compatibility is still your concern, this is how we see it:

If you’re moving from 64 bit, you’re probably in a great compatibility state, except, most likely, for those internally written bespoke apps. Not so great if you are stuck on 32 bit or still on Win XP.

We can tell you everything about these applications and the versions that will work, but if you are stuck on an application that cannot be upgraded WE CAN GET THIS APPLICATION WORKING ON WINDOWS 10. This also applies to organisations stuck on an earlier browser version. Talk to us about our services that are designed to help.

Enhanced Windows 10 Features

It’s clear to see that Microsoft is very keen to move organisations away from Windows 7 and onto Windows 10. It’s not just a marketing campaign this time though, there are some genuine enhancements and benefits to a number of Microsoft features.

Security is high on the priority list as hackers become more sophisticated and constantly evolve their approach. We are particularly impressed with Credential Guard and Device Guard, and the improvements to Windows Hello mean that you can start to use this as an effective biometric solution.

Microsoft is now able to compete effectively with the big players in the marketplace, whilst offering a seamlessly-integrated deployment for Windows 10 customers.

Windows as a Service is set to challenge your BAU processes

Windows as a Service and the constant releases and changes will be providing IT departments with a major headache. Instead of the traditional tech-turn, this is now a Business As Usual (BAU) task and the support processes will have to change.

With Microsoft updates every six months, and a window of 18 months to adopt before being out of support, one of the major concerns with Windows as a Service is with applications, specifically as to whether they will work on the latest updated version of Win 10.

Visit here for Camwood’s approach to this, where Robotic Process Automation can near-enough eliminate the cost of User Acceptance Testing and provide a realistic view of the change to the User Experience.

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