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Camwood has over 17 years’ experience of migrating organisations from one Microsoft Operating System to another. With enhanced usability and increased security features, now is the perfect time to start your journey to Windows 10.

Camwood has a number of options and solutions to ensure your migration is designed professionally and deployed smoothly.

Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace is always up-to-date, supports seamless collaboration and is secure on whatever device you use. Camwood’s extensive experience in understanding large and complex customer estates gives us a unique perspective on the challenges that the Modern Workplace presents. Our Modern Workplace services for Windows 10 and Office 365 are designed to help you get up-to-date and give you the confidence to stay up-to-date as well as positioning you to embrace new Modern Workplace practices that will unlock the benefits of a Modern Workplace and realise the full potential of your environment.

Modern Workplace

The new MSIX format represents the biggest shake up in the way applications are delivered to and managed in the enterprise. Camwood set the standard for Application Packaging when Windows Installer was first released nearly 20 years ago and building on that heritage and pedigree we are setting a new standard. We are working closely with Microsoft to understand this new technology and bring you application services to start you on your Modern Workplace journey and deliver increased performance and reduced resource usage with modern delivery practices all reusing your existing software and hardware assets.


Application Audit Services

Camwood can help you to understand which applications are deployed in your estate, who is using them, what versions are running and when they become end-of-life. Taking a strategic approach to planning your migration to Windows 10 will ensure a positive end user experience.

Application Compatibility and Rationalisation

Ensuring that your applications are compatible with Windows 10 is on the critical path for a successful migration. Compatibility can be as high as 95%, or as low as 50% depending upon your existing estate. As part of the journey, why not rationalise the portfolio too.

Rimo3 Application Lifecycle Management

Camwood’s industry-leading software suit allows you to gather, view and action all of your Windows 10 information in a single place. Application Intelligence allows you to analyse your applications estate and Application Lifecycle allows you to manage the end-to-end process.

Windows as a Service

With regular bi-annual updates for Windows 10, testing for compatibility and performance will be required on a regular basis. Camwood has developed a unique automated testing service for Windows as a Service, reducing cost and improving productivity.


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  • Identify your key areas of focus for Application compatibility
  • Define your Windows 10 deployment strategy
  • Reduce the migration effort
  • Plan your post-deployment approach
  • Enable Windows-as-a-service adoption


T:+44 (0)207 977 0999 | info@camwood.com |