At Camwood, innovation and deep technical expertise is the core of everything we do.

Our Incubator

Powered by decades of experience, our team build world-class solutions powered by emerging technologies to solve our key customer problems.


By gaining a deep understanding of the problems our clients face, we start to identify how and where new technologies can be applied to deliver effective solutions.


We then combine our expertise gathered over 20 years in the industry with cutting-edge technology trends to build our own software solutions powereds by automation, AI and machine learning.


We always continue to improve and develop our solutions based on real-life customer and partner feedback to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve once we launch our new product.

Our Ecosystem

Camwood incubates cutting-edge software solutions specifically for our clients so they you have access to the best-in-class. Explore our solutions which can be purchased with our Managed Services for your organisation:

Reshaping IT management with intelligent automation. Our automated end-to-end solution to manage your Windows 10 Evergreen environment.

We’re on a mission to revolutionise the Intelligent Automation industry with our accessible, agile and powerful solutions built to unleash human potential.

The world’s 1st automated testing platform for enterprise application compatibility, functionality, and performance at scale. Now a proud partner of Camwood.

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We believe in partnering with the best. Creating a unique and specialised eco-system to deliver your enterprise goals.