Modern Workplace accelerators

Businesses everywhere ramped up remote working capability at pace in 2020. As flexible working becomes more permanent, it is important to ensure that the Microsoft remote access and collaboration tools deployed can support the organisation over the longer term.

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Thousands of businesses have trusted us with their IT portfolios for over 20 years.

benefits of a modern workplace accelerator

Identify gaps and improvements against industry best practice and your InfoSec Policy. ​
Map compliance risks against your Policies across the range of new tools introduced to your business.​
Ensure your team is performing as efficiently possible using the bundled Microsoft suite of tools.​
Identify how can you further improve your business processes in a remote-first environment.​

Our modern workplace accelerators

Each accelerator is a fixed priced for a defined outcome, with the option to tailor a suite of services backed by the ongoing support of a Managed Service. Rapid deployment with a clear risk and benefits assessment is guaranteed.

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