Intelligent automation

All professions involve repetitive, rule-based work, often with high volumes. These tasks can reduce employee productivity and customer satisfaction which can lead to high error rates and reduced revenue for your business.

That’s why many businesses have turned to Robotic Process Automation to help solve these problems, but implementing traditional RPA is often challenging, so we’ve launched our Intelligent Automation platform, NexBotix, to help you get started on your automation journey today.



Identify what, where, when and how to automate. Reduce processing times and error rates, increase efficiency and accuracy. Identify quantifiable benefits with ROI modelling.


Intelligently automate high volume, repetitive, mundane processes. Standardise and streamline key processes. Reallocate resource to high-value tasks.


Real-time transparent process data analytics and monitoring, simplified scaling and adoption across the Enterprise. Upscale to full intelligent process automation with next-generation machine learning.


NexBotix is our new Intelligent Automation platform. We want to revolutionise the Intelligent Automation industry with our accessible, agile and powerful solutions built to unleash human potential.

Increased Savings & Higher ROI

With low upfront costs and low management fees, for a small initial investment you can enjoy that ROI much quicker.

Faster Deployment

No more protracted implementation periods, our agile approach means we can get you live in just 14 days

Multi-vendor capabilities

If you’d prefer the flexibility of using more than one RPA vendor, you can use NexBotix to aggregate your digital workforce in one place

Unrivalled Visibility and Control

Enjoy extensive data and analytics for your NexBots and your other RPA vendors via NexAnalytics

Flexible pricing

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model means you can manage your cost as you scale, no more hidden charges or nasty surprises

Peace of mind

We’re with you every step of the way, gain access to our team of experts, who’ll become an extension of your existing team

What we offer

Camwood offer a range of Intelligent Automation services:

Process discovery and analysis

We’ll investigate and assess your processes to find the prime candidates for automation. We’ll then build a tailored business case, which will include a Proof of Value and a business engagement plan.


We’ll develop an ROI model tailored to your business so that you can easily track the savings made when your process automations are deployed.

Vendor recommendation and selection

Once we better understand your processes, we can make an informed recommendation about the vendors or a combination of suppliers best suited for your business.

Process build, test and deploy

Our Tech team will work with you to build custom process automations or implement our plug-and-play automations within a matter of weeks.

Performance data and analytics

Gain access to NexAnalytics, our powerful data and analytics dashboard offering you visibility and control over your automations.


Gain access to competitive licensing prices via our RPA partner network, saving you time and money on unnecessary licenses.

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