Free Azure virtual
desktop ASSEMENT


Camwood’s free Azure Virtual Desktop assessment is an agent-based tool powered by Lakeside SysTrack’s Digital Experience Monitoring Solution. The assessment provides organisations with an accurate recommendation regarding the environment’s readiness for Azure Virtual Desktop with no time commitment, effort or investment.

To get a free, no-commitment, Azure Virtual Desktop assessment tailored to your business, simply fill in the short form and one of our consultants will be in touch within one working day.

Provide a clear migration transition path from your existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A transparent cost model from implementation through to ongoing servicing 

Identify key ongoing support considerations as part of your long-term strategy


To find out more about we can help with your organisation’s virtual desktop needs, you can also contact our team directly:

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More information

 During our WVD Assessment we will analyze the key areas below:
    • Window Virtual Desktop right-sizing: to ensure that the WVD workloads are optimised to meet performance requirements and financial budgeting.
    • Current operating system composition: to give a clear understanding of what workloads are live within your environment and how they can be transposed in WVD accurately.
    • End-user experience scoring: utilising Lakeside SysTrack’s innovative solution, it allows for user persona mapping to ensure that they are receiving the best suited WVD performance they require.
    • Application usage and performance data: allowing you to gain a clear understanding of what applications to take to Cloud and the key performance metrics to be aware of.
    • Windows 10 multi-session mode considerations: we capture core utilising metrics such as CPU, memory, IOPS and network utilising. This enables us to provide you with a transparent commercial viability assessment to make the move to Azure Virtual Desktop.

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