Enterprise Readiness

Getting your enterprise ready for migration: intelligence audit, analysis and migration plan.

Enterprise Readiness

Getting your enterprise ready for migration: intelligence audit, analysis and migration plan.

So you think you´re ready for migration?

End of life for Windows 7 and the 2020 deadline is fast approaching - a migration plan is needed fast. To migrate successfully you need clear and up to date information on your application portfolio and associated technologies: what you´ve got, who´s using it and how much it´s costing to keep running.

You need to know end of life data and ensure that what you hace will be compatible when the new technology is deployed. But like most organisations you´re in state of applicacion and technology chaos.

We can help

Camwood Enterprise Readiness is all about getting you ready for migration, It allows a business to understand everything they need to know about their applications. infrastruture, business processes, software and cloud.


Telling you everyhing you to need to know about your currrent environment.


Utilisation, performance and business process analysis


Ensure your applications and infrastructure are ready for migration

We identify how many applications and processes exist within the business and who is using them. We transform your application chaos with a clear application migration plan. We assetes your software estate and identify business process that could be automated to reduce costs.

We assess your infractrucsture components such Active Directory and SCCM to ensure their readiness for the modern workplace.

We understand the landscape and recommend a migration strategy to achieve targered results.

We automate to work smarter to reduce costs, rationable and consolidate, and ensure your portfolio is intelligently managed.

Enterprise Ready Process

    • Audit service for mobile, desktop an server
    • Application inteligence
    • Consilidation and rationalisation
    • Strategic recommendations
    • Creation of enterprise readiness plan
    • Identify any repeatable processes

Getting your ready for the technology for tomorrow

    • Ensuring your enterprise is ready for Windows 10 migrations Proactive
    • Smarter intelligence and management of your applications Allows customers to understand everything they need to know about their applications, infrastructure, business processes, software and cloud.
    • Making sure your core infrastructure elements are up to date and ready

What our customers say

We recognised that as a vendor, Camwood had a real focus on applications migration. Their capabilities were an exact fit with our meeds and we were confident that the team had the skills to rapidly respond to our overall business requirements.

- Nick Walker. IT Shared Services Program Director, BAE Systems.

Camwood are partnered with Microsoft, helping clients to drive forward their adoption of Windows 10. One of the major blockers we often come face with our clients is Application Compatibility. In order to address this challenge, we are engaged with the Windows 10 team at Microsoft and are delivering the Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Compatibility Workshop. We’re helping organisations understand their compatibility challenges, explore Windows 10 servicing capabilities and Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness (WAUR). Camwood are a really great UK based partner, who have some great capability in understanding a customer’s application estate and its compatibility with Windows 10, and then more importantly, some great IP for both automating the application compatibility testing and for repackaging applications to run with Win10. Camwood have helped us solve issues and significantly speed up deployment with some major UK customers. They are also happy to partner with other partners and provide services in the background if this works better in the situation and a number of large UK partners are now using them to provide services as part of a wider Win10 deployment plan in big customers.

- Microsoft UK, Windows 10 Team.

When the DVLA decided to introduce application virtualisation into the IT estate, Camwood provided us with specialist application compatibility services and comprehensive training for our team. An invaluable aspect was the added security we felt, knowing that if we came across any complex scenarios we had Camwood as a trusted point of escalation and expertise to back us up.

- Michael John, Customer Solutions Architect, DVLA.

Camwood has been pivotal to our work in the Application Virtualisation area and the service we have received has been vital in its success. Through the creation of a best practise approach and set of standards, provision of resource and, on-going ad hoc advice, Camwood has kept us and the project on track.

- Russell Glencross, Technical Service Analyst, Baillie Gifford.

Camwood ALM is an immensely powerful tool that provides immediate and accurate visibility on the status of all our applications, enabling us to understand how they are being used and by whom. It also highlights the application interdependencies that exist, enabling us to plan our migrations effectively.

- Bhadresh Sachania, Head of PMO, Tube Lines.

The team from Camwood has shown an unbelievable amount of commitment to ensure the delivery of our project. Not only did they work hard to find the right resolution for Santander, but their dedication and “whatever it takes” attitude were a true credit and guaranteed we did not fail.

- Karl Martin, Project Manager, Santander.

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