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Camwood Application Audit and Rationalisation

Camwood’s Application Audit and Rationalisation solution is designed to assist clients to understand and identify the applications, service-sets and business processes that are currently in place in their existing environment. This service can cover all aspects from the end-user device, client, middleware and server applications.

The Application Audit Approach

The approach includes a variety of services that can be offered as a full end-to-end service or provided as distinct work-packages on request. The approach is as follows:

Camwood Application Intelligence and Expertise

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The results of this service are to provide a complete view of the Application estate in order to:

  • Identify Application Readiness for a Windows 10 Transformation.
  • Streamline and rationalise an application portfolio in order to move to a Managed Service, such as Camwood’s App4Life service.
  • Identify applications that can be retired or migrated to a cloud platform.

Mobilisation and Readiness

Any successful programme requires a phase of mobilisation to establish the exact success criteria for a service. The mobilisation is typically a one-day on-site activity encompassing the following aspects:

  • Set-up of Knowledge Management System for storage of all application related information, typically RIMO3 software.
  • Walk-through of approach.
  • Governance.
  • Project controls and reporting.
  • Identify key personnel in client’s organisation for the programme.
  • Agree tool-sets to be used.
  • Environmental requirements.
  • Agree time-lines.


Camwood will identify all end-user devices, servers and applications with all of their technical dependencies via a combination of software and services. The software for this identification is agent based and will provide not only a view of devices and applications deployed but also what is used and ultimately needed by the business.

All data will be linked into the Camwood RIMO3 toolset in order to ultimately provide a service blueprint for the client.

The identification period is typically a twenty to sixty day collection of user, device, server and application data in order to ensure the right business data is collated such as month-end.


Taking the data from the ‘Identify’ phase, Camwood will be in a position to profile the client’s estate based on a number of technical, service and business considerations. An example of these considerations are as follows:

  • Applications and desktop / server devices deployed.
  • Applications and desktop / server devices used.
  • Application Performance
  • Hardware, Virtualisation and Compute Performance
  • Applications that are out of support or entering an end-of-life state.
  • Applications that are potentially out of licensing compliance.

This analysis phase will require the client to provide Business, Operational and Service data to add customer specific data to the Analysis Phase.


As a result of the ‘Analysis’ phase, Camwood will have a full and complete map of the user / application / desktop / server dependencies and in a position to create theoretical application rationalisation opportunities.

The rationalisation criteria will include aspects including:

  • Version Duplicates
  • Functionality Duplicates.
  • Un-used applications
  • End of life applications
  • Alternative licensing considerations.

Access to the information will be provided through the reporting modules of Rimo3 and optionally Microsoft Excel / SQL based interrogation. As a result of this activity, Camwood will provide an Indicative Business Case that will under-write the savings that can be made.

Process Improvement

Key to the success of Rationalisation is to take a view of the application lifecycle processes. Camwood will undertake to analyse and modify the client’s existing processes to ensure that:

  • Immediate application retirement can be undertaken
  • The process is maintained and the best practices adopted as a business as usual activity

The data will be reported as part of the Rimo3 software where standard and custom reports will be defined.


All data will be stored in RIMO3 for the client to openly query and report upon including the retrospective data collated during the analysis phase.  The data will be retained for a period of 12 months and then extracted to the client in a pre-approved format


Benefits of Application Audit & Rationalisation

The approach includes a variety of services that can be offered as a full end-to-end service or provided as distinct work-packages on request. The approach is as follows:

    • A clear understanding of your Application portfolio
    • A rationalised Application list, reducing maintenance & license costs
    • Reduced timescales and engineering cost for a migration
    • The ability to consume an Application Portfolio Management solution

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