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Camwood App4Life

Camwood App4Life is an application portfolio management solution, underpinned by the Rimo3 Evolution Software. Many organisations are faced with the challenge of managing their application portfolio - successfully migrating their applications and then maintaining the portfolio post-migration. It’s imperative that once the application portfolio has been rationalised, that organisations consider the ongoing management to ensure that application ‘bloat’ doesn’t occur. There is also the challenge of keeping applications up to date and that as later versions are released, that they are repackaged successfully and deployed to end users.

To do this can be a complex, challenging and time-consuming process. Camwood App4Life proactively manages the application estate. Applications are monitored to identify issues such as end of life, applications not in use or duplications to ensure that the estate is always optimised and kept at a rationalised level.

App4Life Key service features

    • Proactive Management and Rationalisation
    • Lower TCO
    • Simplify Management
    • Free up your internal experts to support the business!
    • 7 Day SLA
    • Fixed Price
    • Avoid financial Risk
    • 30% updated annually
    • 3 Contract Term
    • Windows 10 & Citrix Server O/S Platforms

T:+44 (0)207 977 0999 | info@camwood.com |