Webinar: Camwood Crash Course May: Your Applications and Azure Virtual Desktop

In May’s Camwood Crash Course our Head of Technology, Dan Williams, and our Head of Sales, James Churchill, covered the hot topic of Azure Virtual Desktop.

What did we cover in this webinar:

  • What is Azure Virtual Desktop and how is it different from other virtualised desktops?
  • Practical steps to get you started with the transition.
  • A guide to managing your applications throughout the process
  • Challenges you may face during the migration.
  • Camwood Customer Success Story: Hear about one of our finance clients who made the switch to Azure Virtual Desktop and how they have tackled the transition.

For more information about any of the topics covered in this session please contact james.churchill@camwood.com


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Ann-Marie Rossiter
Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at Camwood.
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