The story behind Infinity with Operations Director, Sanjay Tailor

Last year Camwood launched Infinity, our new Modern Workplace orchestration platform. It’s mission is to simplify Modern Workplace Management with Intelligent Automation, Sanjay Tailor, Camwood Operations Director, shares his thoughts on how and why Infinity was created, the benefits he believes it will deliver and his view on why now, more than ever, Infinity and our automation solutions are relevant.

What Evergreen IT challenges does Infinity help solve?

For every business, the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10 has caused a paradigm shift.  The bygone era of migrating to a new operating every 3-5 years is now replaced by a model that automatically requires you to be kept up to date every 12-18 months.   This introduction of Windows Evergreen is proving to be quite a challenge to many businesses, simply as it is a completely new way of working that requires a different approach to IT and application management. This Evergreen IT model now stretches far beyond just Windows 10. Every solution in the Modern Workplace stack now needs to be updated on a regular bases, whether that’s Security and Feature releases or patching releases.

Infinity was incubated by Camwood, which has over 20 years’ experience  helping many businesses  migrate and update to a new operating system, so we understand exactly the problems that IT teams are facing, and how we can proactively and quickly use our expertise to fix them – it’s the reason we developed Infinity.

What is different about Infinity and what areas do you believe it can help?

Every business needs a new way of managing and deploying continual Feature and Security updates to their Modern Workplace solutions and could benefit hugely from a solution that automatically tests the application estate to keep it up to date. To approach this in the traditional manual way, with stages of the migration journey being completed in silos and utilising different components of software tools, is simply not sustainable in the new operating environment.

Infinity recognised the need to view the migration and ongoing updates as a never-ending cycle. Infinity is built on a foundation of intuitive and automated technology, to help at every stage of the journey – from migration to ongoing management.  This automated and proactive approach would then allow a business to make sense of the chaos, and quickly and easily keep the IT and application estate up to date.

To achieve this, it was imperative that Infinity was designed as an end-to-end solution, that can help a business with the initial migration and the ongoing management, reporting and analytics.  It automates preparing applications, devices and people for migration (the testing, planning, scheduling and deployment), and provides an end-to-end automated framework to help with the ongoing challenge of managing regular new feature and security releases.

The other main area where Infinity drives value is that it has a fully integrated analytics portal that provides a real time, single dashboard view on the IT and application estate. This will allow businesses to make vital decisions quickly and proactively based on true data, sourced from a single dashboard.

Everything about Infinity is about making it easy for the client, by empowering them to embrace digital transformation, drive innovation and stay ahead – all through automation.

Is this just the beginning?

The culture at Camwood, and now Infinity, has always been about thinking about future possibilities and how technology can bring them to life today.

Infinity is a great example of this, where we identified how the technology that we specialise in – software automation, could be used to help businesses with one of their main challenges – Evergreen IT. It meant we were able to develop an innovative solution, confidently, built on the foundation of 20 years of experience.

As for what’s next, we will continue to look forward and evolve as the market evolves, and the next stage of development for us will undoubtedly be around the use of automation in cloud adoption and migration.

For now, we’re excited about Infinity and the possibilities it brings. We’re living and working in an ever changing world and we’re very passionate about creating innovative solutions built on automated technology, that will provide the flexibility, scalability and longevity that every business is going to require.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Ann-Marie Rossiter
Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at Camwood.
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