Need cost effective, specialist support? 5 ways Camwood can help

Today’s IT landscape is more complex than ever, where dedicated and specialised functions are needed to manage a dynamic and diverse estate of applications and infrastructure.

Faced with the added pressure of the Evergreen model being the new norm, with continuous updates, new releases and changes required to remain up to date, IT business critical projects can now feel very  specialised, such as the migration to and ongoing management of Windows 10 adoption.

It’s no wonder then that the cost and resource needed to maintain this IT landscape continues to climb.

For today’s CIO, understanding both the technology landscape and the business implications is critical if they are to meet wider business goals, such as driving growth or being more accountable for improving the customer experience.

But with ever increasing deliverables expected with limited existing resource, CIO’s are seeking a smarter way of working to design a more adaptive, service-based IT organisation.

It is this  “service model” of continuous change that is driving IT teams to take a different approach and look towards working with partners and specialists to remain market relevant, facilitate change and manage disruption while keeping people effective, productive and engaged.

At Camwood we offer a range of managed services to enable you to proactively keep your IT estate up to date and secure.  Our managed service allows you to focus on your core businesses processes, providing peace of mind that we will manage and monitoring your IT estate whilst resolving any issues, saving you money and time whilst scaling with the needs of your business.

  1. Application Management: No more ‘bloat’ as your portfolio is constantly analysed, rationalised and any applications requiring updates are proactively repackaged – automatically. We also offer performance management to monitor, troubleshoot and optimise end to end application performance
  2. Robotic Process Automation Management: utilising our IA-as-a-Service platform – NexBotix – to deploy RPA quickly whilst reducing costs and empowering your employees
  3. Windows 10 Evergreen Management: supporting the migration to Windows 10, the ongoing management of your Evergreen environment, as well as deploying the most recent security releases and feature updates to your workforce using smart automation.
  4. Office 365 Management: manage future security and feature releases once migrated as well as professional services to ensure you optimise the suite.
  5. IT Asset Management: providing estate wide visibility of users, devices and applications, to allow you to make impactful business decisions and deliver exceptional end-user experiences

And the benefits?

Investing in in-house experts can be a costly resource that can be extremely hard to retain or keep up to date with training, technology advancements and governance.  That’s why it makes sense to partner for specialised professional services, just like you do for other ‘As a Service’ requirements.

At Camwood, our team of specialists are with you each step of the way – from initial consultation through to project delivery – working as an extension of your in-house team to ensure consistency in your IT strategy and delivery.

So whilst emerging and disruptive technologies can seem like a minefield to manage, engagement with the right partners and the creation of an experienced and specialised eco-system will ensure that it is opportunities, not just challenges that new technology delivers.

Camwood – readiness today for the technology of tomorrow.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Ann-Marie Rossiter
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