Meet Nicola Bridge, Programme Manager at Camwood

Nicola is the Programme Manager here at Camwood, she is responsible for overseeing client projects, ensuring that they’re governed to meet their deliverables with quality, on time and in budget to meet our customer’s needs. I work closely with the Sales and the Managed Service teams to make sure all deliverables are understood upfront and ready for delivery. My role is varied and extremely hands on, I work with all areas of the business and work across departments.

Where were you before you worked at Camwood?

I worked at Capita & Tesco before joining Camwood, my roles required me to move around the businesses which allowed me to shape my knowledge, experience and skill set. I’ve worked in technical roles, project management and delivery across the Banking, Finance, Marketing, Commercial, Retail, MOD & Aero space for the last 23 years.

Why did you join the Camwood team?

I joined Camwood because I had a lot of knowledge and expertise that I could apply to my role and to the business, I wanted to be part of an exciting business that was growing quickly. I am extremely passionate about what we’re creating at Camwood, we’re very different to other managed service providers, our team is highly skilled and we work collaboratively to delivery projects for our customers and clients.

What excites you most about working at Camwood?

I’m excited that I can be part of a growing business where you can make decisions, where your ideas are embraced and nurtured. I love how we have the autonomy and support to execute on an idea that will make a difference. I enjoy working with a team that are passionate about our end customer, driven and determined in ensuring a great experience and smooth delivery of projects and services.

How do you think Camwood is different to other managed service providers? 

Camwood’s unique approach is a combination of software and servicefocused on the customers’ needs and requirementswhilst delivering great quality service. The team at Camwood is exceptional, customer focused, and we work together to deliver top quality service for our clients, partners and customers. 

This is what I believe makes us stand out from the rest 

What unique skill do you bring to the Camwood team?

I am an expert on the governance process required to deliver projects and I’m skilled in structuring teams and processes to enable the smooth delivery of the projects for our customers. 

I’m great at building and maintaining relationships with clients, bridging the gap between projects, managing customer relations and empathising with their problems.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Ann-Marie Rossiter
Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at Camwood.
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