Meet the team - Jo Cseko
Meet Jo Cseko, PMO Manager at Camwood

Jo wears many hats in the business; as the PMO Manager, she is responsible for staff augmentation for projects. Ensuring that the portfolio of projects run on time & within budget using the right resources and skills. She is also a great support to the team as the HR & Operations go-to person.

Where were you before you worked at Camwood?

Before joining Camwood, I was working as an Operations Manager in a Maintenance Contracting company providing Fire Safety and Electrical Certification services to Housing Associations across the UK. After deciding I needed a new challenge, I conducted a bit of research into new industries that would be suited to my skills and experience, and a market trend search, I decided to move into the IT Industry, even though it meant starting over in a totally different sector.

Why did you join the Camwood team?

I felt that Camwood provided an exciting opportunity to kick-start a new career within the IT industry, as it’s been operating for over 20 years. This impressive history showed me that the company was well established in the industry and that it was an innovative company, which has evolved and grown throughout this time to address changing economic climates.

What excites you most about working at Camwood?

The thing that excites me most about working at Camwood is that no day is the same. I’m working with different people, different ideas, and different areas of the business every day! Camwood is a living example of how an idea can transform into a business.

 How do you think Camwood is different to other managed service providers?

I feel that the 20+ years of experience speaks volumes. We always listen to the needs of our customers and partners. We go above and beyond to deliver outstanding services to help them reach their goals.

What unique skill do you bring to the Camwood team?

I’d like to think that my experience working within Operations enables me to don the many hats within Camwood and capitalize on my multi-tasking skills and abilities. I thrive knowing that every day is not the same and feel that my willingness to learn and develop put me in a good position to kick-start my IT career at Camwood.

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