Meet Gareth Bell, Head of Service Delivery at Camwood

Gareth is the Head of Service delivery at Camwood, responsible for overseeing our Shared Services team, providing Managed Services and Applications packaging to our customers and managing the long-term relations of our clients. He works closely with the sales team, ensuring a streamlined experience for our clients from pre-sales through to project delivery, as well as collaborating with the product team overseeing the development of our solutions for our clients. 

Where were you before you worked at Camwood?  

Before Camwood I worked for a major IT company managing large scale hardware and operating system upgrades in the UK and Europe. 

Why did you join the Camwood team?  

I joined Camwood because I saw a fantastic opportunity to further grow with an ambitious company that had a real interest in its clients and customers. I am extremely passionate about providing a seamless experience for our customers, I had been a customer of Camwood previously and knew that as a company, Camwood shared my customer-centric ethos to providing IT Services, so when the opportunity presented itself, I was delighted to come on-board.  

What excites you most about working at Camwood? 

I love the team at Camwood, we work collaboratively driving innovation and transformation for our customers and clients. Camwood is always adapting, evolving and we are constantly thinking of new ways to reinvent the wheel. The team has adapted over the last 24 months into the company we have today, and I have been able to contribute to that and progress in my career because of it. 

We’re leading the way for the Modern Workplace, and I am excited to be a part of a company and team that is building the future in so many ways.  

How do you think Camwood is different to other managed service providers?  

The team at Camwood is exceptional, we are driven, small enough to be able to move fast, adapt to change providing the services our customers need and want. We embrace diverse thinking and are open to new ideas and ways of doing things, this not only gives us a fresh perspective but gives us leverage in a competitive market, making us stand out in the competitive market.  

What unique skill do you bring to the Camwood team? 

I always strive to do my absolute best, providing an excellent experience for our customers and partners. I’m a great communicator and a real people’s person, this is a skill that has helped me throughout my career as I believe the key to any relationship is the ability to listen. 

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