Meet Daniel Williams, Head of Technology at Camwood

Daniel is the Head of Technology at Camwood and is responsible for the technology roadmap and the growth of services of our business. His role means ensuring that there is constant alignment of technology for all services being provided to our customer base and ensuring that the latest technology is wrapped into the service offerings to ensure maximum value for all customers.   

Where were you before you worked at Camwood?

Previously I worked for a market leading Cloud Solution ProviderANS Group, helping businesses transform on-premises infrastructure into Public Cloud solutions, whether this be server infrastructure workloads, re-architecting applications for more modern PaaS and serverless models or providing cloud enabled virtual desktop infrastructure for enterprise user bases.

Why did you join the Camwood team?  

I’m extremely passionate about all things service related and enjoy producing new customer propositions to improve overall productivity of clients. Camwood has a solid foundation in Modern Workplace and aligning my previous experience to an organisation like Camwood was a fantastic opportunity for me to take the next step in my career.

What excites you most about working at Camwood? 

Every single day is different, and my role is very hands on with shaping the future of the technology solution offerings. I have the autonomy of shaping our service offerings from the ground up, improving on existing propositions and working with a fantastic multi-skilled team – that provides massive amounts of value when it comes to service design for our end users.

How do you think Camwood is different to other managed service providers? 

Most Managed Service Providers either focus on the infrastructure or the devices in a reactive manner. Where Camwood differs is when we talk to clients about what their problems are, we solve a problem – we do not sell a service. That, coupled with our deep understanding of all things user centric provides fantastic and unique offering for our client base.

What unique skill do you bring to the Camwood team? 

 I always strive to do my absolute best and provide an excellent customer and user experience. When I evaluate a problem for a customer, I try to position myself in their shoes and what can we do as a technology partner to provide better service and improve operational efficiency. I am passionate about creating and driving innovative solutions for our customers, allowing organisations to evolve and transition with technology.

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Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at Camwood.
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