_Meet the team - Ak Lloyd
Meet Ak Lloyd, Head of Strategic Partnership at Camwood

Ak is Head of Strategic Partnerships at Camwood, she is responsible for sourcing, establishing, and nurturing the relationship between Camwood and our gold partners. AK’s role spans across all our businesses Camwood, Rimo, Infinity, and NexBotix, therefore it is important that she works closely with our partners to ensure they have the most up-to-date information on our services and software allowing us to educate and offer the best solution to our customers.

Where were you before you worked at Camwood?

Before Camwood I worked in various sales roles across the Financial Services, Banking, and Insurance sectors where I lead teams and was responsible for growing new sectors and various business divisions.

Why did you join the Camwood team?

I Joined the Camwood team because I wanted to see how things worked on the other side of the customer, I wanted to appreciate the level of detail that goes into ensuring successful delivery of a project.

Initially, I joined Camwood as a Project Manager and moved into my current role as Head of Strategic Partnerships. I love how varied my role is and how closely I get to work with people from all walks of life. Every day in my role is different, I love the relationships I have created with our partners, each customer brings with them the excitement of a new solution.

Camwood has a real family-driven culture. Our team is an excellent bunch of individuals who come together at any time to always help and support with lots of ideas and solutions. The team is hardworking and very passionate about delivering the best possible experience for the customer which fits with my ethos.

What excites you most about working at Camwood?

There is so much that excites me about Camwood but, one thing that stands out is that I work at a company that values and looks after its staff. This has shown during lockdown from the coffee mornings, the weekly and monthly meetings to the once-a-week Pilates classes.

The future at Camwood excites me, and I’m looking forward to seeing where we go as an organisation. We have had a complete brand refresh and there are lots of exciting plans ahead.

How do you think Camwood is different from other managed service providers?

We have a world-class team at Camwood that is exceptionally customer-focused and can work together to deliver top-quality service for our clients, partners, and customers. What we offer at Camwood differs from other managed service providers, we talk to our clients about what their problems are and solve them, we don’t sell a service.

What unique skill do you bring to the Camwood team?

I believe that my combined experience has stood me in strong stead for my role at Camwood. Not only am I able to work on new sales opportunities but I know what it takes to get the project delivered from inception, so I can deeply appreciate what the customer goes through. I’d also like to think that I bring lots of energy and a real passion for wanting to make a difference. I am a real driven individual with a larger-than-life personality that is keen to make sure that anyone I deal with has the best experience.

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