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Forget digital transformation, digital evolution is the new path for modern IT Management

The pace of digital evolution has increased rapidly in recent years, thanks to the widespread adoption of cloud computing models and virtualisation technologies, and the “evergreen” model of modern IT management.

This paradigm shift to continuous change, with no definitive end point, means many Enterprises must now reframe their traditional approach to managing their IT estates and systems and consider the path of digital evolution rather than transformation. This reiterative and evolutionary route is particularly relevant today in a time where new and emerging Evergreen technologies, such as Windows 10 and Windows Virtual Desktop, require Enterprises to continually adapt and evolve to keep up with this rapid rate of change.

“In recent years, Enterprises have been focused on digitally transforming their business.  With the introduction of innovative new technologies and the creation of a new and always up to date modern IT environment, the focus must be now on evolving.” Frank Foxall – Chairman, Camwood.

This modern approach of digital evolution rather than transformation acknowledges that adapting and replacing manual and legacy systems with advanced digital technology isn’t a one-off project with a start and end but is an ongoing journey that requires a constant state of change to enable greater efficiency, new capabilities and better end-user experience.

This continuous evolution shows no signs of slowing down with the recent pandemic further accelerating the rapid movement to “digital-first” initiatives. Recent data collected from McKinsey states that digital adoption has vaulted five years forward in a matter of around eight weeks. This paired with the fundamental shift to modern IT management, means businesses need a long-term strategy to ensure they can keep up with the changes at hand.

Whilst the benefits to Evergreen and modern IT management are evident, for many Enterprises IT teams, the changes and adoption to new technologies to date represent only the first phase of the evolution journey that will be necessary.  They are in the difficult situation of needing to both refresh and support existing systems with greater efficiency while transforming their business.

It is not just the technology that has innovated and evolved, it has also consequentially impacted the end-user. The expectation has increased, with the spotlight on discovery, planning and implementation being achieved quickly and at scale, with Enterprises expected to continually empower mobility, collaboration, productivity and the work-life balance whilst also enabling exceptional customer and end-user experience.

Take Windows Virtual Desktop, the Evergreen service that is a great example of digital evolution rather than transformation. Microsoft’s cloud VDI service with no need to procure, patch or configure highly complete management layers, evolved from VDI and was developed to complement other SaaS solutions such as Windows 10 and M365. For this new technology to be successfully integrated into the Enterprise, ongoing and specialist help will be required to keep up and manage regular updates, requirements and features, such as Windows Operating Systems and integrated applications. Where traditionally, this would have come under the transformation project banner, modern IT management in the Evergreen environment doesn’t start and stop, it keeps constantly evolving and therefore requires on-going, continual support.

This fast-moving world means Enterprises want to work with specialist solution providers that have rich technology partner ecosystems, take an open approach to innovation, and can deliver tangible business outcomes tailored to specific needs. This eco-system of specialist partners ensures that not only is the Enterprise always up to date but is optimised to evolve

Camwood has been helping customers digitally evolve their application and end-user environments for over 20 years. We’re a company that has innovation, automation and deep technological expertise at its heart.

“Camwood understand the journey to Evergreen and modern IT management is a step-change for Enterprises. It’s not just about the next version of something, it’s an evolution”. Chris Porter – Chief Executive Officer, Camwood.

Our mission is to empower our clients to embrace digital evolution, drive innovation and stay ahead. We do this by offering a broad range of services that prepare the Enterprise for digital evolution, enable smarter working by ensuring a seamless transition when adopting new technologies and provide managed services to deliver ongoing best practices.

By partnering with Enterprises, we help them evolve and simplify their digital environment to keep up and keep pace and deliver the desired business outcomes whilst integrating these smoothly into existing operations.

Camwood – readiness today for the technology of tomorrow.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams is the Head of Technology at Camwood.
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