Webinar: Camwood Crash Course July: Are You Getting The Most Out of Microsoft 365?

In July’s Camwood Crash Course our Head of Technology, Dan Williams, and our Head of Sales, James Churchill, discussed a wide range of Microsoft 365 benefits, that are often overlooked.

What did we cover in this webinar?

  • The common misconceptions and challenges with Microsoft 365
  • What data is available within Microsoft 365 and how can you use it?
  • How to convert data insights to actions for your team
  • Some quick and easy wins to get you started with your new strategy
  • A deep dive into a case study of a company that used the data from Microsoft 365 to improve their performance

For more information about any of the topics covered in this session please contact james.churchill@camwood.com


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Ann-Marie Rossiter
Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at Camwood.
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