5 Most Common Problems When Migrating to Windows 10

Windows 10, the operating system from Microsoft designed to digitally transform the modern workplace, and promises enhanced security, higher user productivity, lower cost of ownership and improved management capabilities.

However, as businesses either begin their journey to Windows 10, or have already made the jump, one thing is clear, migrating to, and building a framework for the on-going management of the IT and application estate in this new Evergreen environment, has its’ challenges and may be a rocky journey.   Businesses of all sizes may be lacking the internal resources, tools, expertise to facilitate a fast, cost effective migration, and be faced with the enormity of finding ways to seamlessly transfer all user profiles, data and applications, whilst having to test the new operating system for compatibility and deployment.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at 5 key common problems surrounding Windows 10 migration and the reality of how Camwood can help.

  1. Assess what you have 

You need to understand the scale of the project and the starting point for this is having a clear understanding of what you have – a complete audit of your existing IT systems, infrastructure and applications: what you´ve got, who´s using it and how much it´s costing to keep running.  You need to ensure that what you have will be compatible when the new technology is deployed

Camwood Enterprise Readiness is all about preparing your business for migration.  Our application audit and rationalisation solution provides a detailed understanding of your applications, infrastructure, business processes, software and cloud.

  1. Run tests before deployment 

Application compatibility testing can be the cause of a major IT headaches, with questions arising around can I install the application and will it work?

Camwood’s application testing platform partner, Rimo3 proactively solves this issue.   Their solution automatically tests whether the applications will work with every new release or update to the operating system, with a fix BEFORE fail at any stage of the migration.   This automated testing allows you to understand the impact of adopting new hardware across your physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces and will continuously discover, test and deploy change within your applications faster across your ‘Windows-as-a-Service’ operating model.

  1. End user readiness and communication 

Is your user estate ready for the next Feature or Security update? IT teams must be able to ensure that users are scheduled and prepared during the migration process, so that each stage of the update or new release can be deployed.  End users also expect timely communication about the migration programme to minimise disruption and to ensure stable productivity.

Camwood Infinity software allows the IT to communicate automatically to the users about when updates are due.  This automated software also empowers them with the knowledge to self-serve, so that they are able to proactively install any updates themselves at a time that is convenient, rather than mandate a set upgrade time which may result in working downtime.

  1. Future proof framework 

Many migrations are now taking place in increasingly complex IT environments. What this means is that when managing digital transformation and adoption in the new Evergreen environment, where the focus is on keeping up to date, many IT teams run the risk of underestimating the time, complexity and overall project management involved.

It requires a change in mindset and the creation of a sustainable framework and eco-system that will future proof the business.  Integrating the right tools, partners and technology will ensure that your business is able to drive innovation and stay ahead.

At Camwood, we have over 20 years’ experience in delivering automation solutions that address new and emerging technologies.  As well as the software, we have the people who are able to provide the expertise required to ensure that your migrations are planned and deployed successfully.

  1. Decision making  

When managing such an important and complex project on an on-going basis, having the right tools in place to make proactive decisions is vital.

Infinity Analytics is a fully integrated analytics portal that provides a real time, dashboard view on the IT and application estate, enabling quick business decisions such as deployment, licensing and performance.

It replaces the complex, siloed traditional reporting, and brings together any existing toolsets – such as 3rd party applications being used to manage performance, patch management, licensing etc, providing a holistic view across the entire IT and application estate.

It’s clear that Windows 10 has changed the IT landscape forever, and that the migration and on-going management is complex and has its’ challenges.  However, with the right tools, help and skills, at Camwood we believe that this transition needn’t be as problematic as initially thought, and that by using innovative technology software built around automation, that you can drive innovation and stay ahead.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Ann-Marie Rossiter
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