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What is AWS Workspaces?

Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed, secure Desktop-as-a- Service (DaaS) solution. You can use WorkSpaces to provision at scale, either Windows or Linux desktops in minutes to your users and you can choose to pay monthly, hourly or on demand for the WorkSpaces you need.

Benefits of our AWS workspaces SERVICES

AWS WorkSpaces brings a wide range of benefits to your team and your business:
Removal of mundane administrative tasks associated with managing desktop lifecycle
Centralised management of desktops, making administrative tasks simple and easy to manage.
Access to persistent, encrypted storage volumes hosted in AWS Public Cloud.
Removes the need to over provision or over purchase hardware resources.


Capturing, key metrics, critical application utilisation, performance metrics and user persona requirements

Provide a turnkey solution to make your applications ready for Public Cloud

Provide a rigorous build and migration process to ensure all your requirements are captured and delivered.

Keeping your cloud applications up-to-date, secure and optimised.

Watch our Recent amazon workspaces webinar ondemand

Camwood | AWS Collaboration Webinar 
Your Applications and Amazon WorkSpaces

In a recent webinar the Camwood team covered some of the fundamentals of AWS Workspaces, what your Application migration strategy needs to cover and how to ensure the transition is seamless with no disruption to your employees.

Watch the session on demand to learn what the path to Amazon WorkSpaces really looks like and what you need to do with your Applications before making the transition


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