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Privacy and security are a top concern for the Healthcare sector and are at the forefront of considerations when providing a responsive end user experience and the ability to interact across multiple locations. Amazon AppStream 2.0 provides highly responsive applications optimised for their use case, allowing users to view and interact with a centralised pool of data.


Users unable to benefit from data and research learnt from their peers.

Spiralling costs associated to purchasing, managing and upgrading workstations to enable access to GPU intensive applications.

Poor application management and application sprawl with users running different versions of the same application.

Data leakage risks associated to applications and data stored on users’ computers.

Unable to meet the agility & scale demands of a hybrid working business.

Legacy approach to application and device provisioning and management resulting in frequent downtime.

How Camwood Can help

Assessment – Capture Amazon AppStream 2.0 future state requirements & assess current VDI environment.

Configuration & Transformation – Build out an Amazon Appstream 2.0 environment & evolve Application delivery models.

Compliance & Security – A high-quality desktop experience meeting compliance and security requirements, including PCI compliance. Data is not sent to or stored on end-user devices, it remains in the AWS cloud or your on-premises environment.

Modernisation – Streamline Application  management processes.

Future State

Increased security with all data secured within your network, not locally on user machines.

Enhanced collaboration with users across multiple locations, benefitting from centralised data and research.

Install, test and update applications at pace and securely, without modifications.

All users will access the same application version, removing application management headaches.

Users can access GPU-intensive applications at any time from any computer.

Connect to Microsoft Active Directory providing users with single sign-on experience to company sites, file shares, and network printers.

Address hybrid working challenges, users can work from anywhere, with a secure & easy-to-use experience.

Ability to retire and reduce on-premises infrastructure, processes and management.

“Applications and data are not stored on users' computers; they are streamed as encrypted pixels and access data secured within your network and because Amazon AppStream 2.0 runs on AWS you benefit from a data centre and network architecture built for the most security-sensitive organizations.”
Daniel Williams
Daniel Willliams
Head of Technology

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