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ACTIV discovers and identifies 99% of all compatibility issues instantly before deployment or migration of a new release within the Windows as a Service Environment.

Pre-migration to Windows 10

    • Use ACTIV to automate a compatibility test of your current applications against Windows 10
    • Quickly identify applications that need remediation or newer versions

Windows Evergreen Compliance

    • Once on Windows 10 and the Windows-as-a-Service update cadence, easily manage the testing of new Feature Releases against your in-life application portfolio
    • Fully automate the testing process and remove the need for End Users to perform a UAT on critical apps

With emerging challenges caused by Windows as a Service and new releases coming out twice a year ACTIV is the first and only platform in the market to perform immediate fully automated application compatibility testing to help IT managers and CIOs worldwide save time, money and be more efficient.

Rimo3 ACTIV automatically identifies and tests all applications in a customers’ estate, be that on the migration path to Windows 10 or at the point of ensuring continuous compatibility and compliance with Windows-as-a-Service.

Rimo3 guarantee that our revolutionary portfolio will significantly reduce costs, testing and time and provide clients with a complete understanding of their software portfolio.


ACTIV will save you 95% or more of testing time.

Let’s face it , manual testing is a painful, costly and time consuming activity that carries risk and inaccuracy in its results. ACTIV does the heavy work automatically while you focus on your core activities and come back to check the results anytime.

How does ACTIV works?


We setup ACTIV so it is securely connected to your environment.


Acquire applications automatically from any source or by using the built-in connector to SCCM.


Test your entire application estate as often as you like at the push of a button against any version of Windows or Citrix.


See the overall status and results of your projects in real time.

ACTIV offers an effective, efficient and dynamic platform to monitor and manage the automated testing against new releases of Windows 10
Application Acquisition

Acquire applications from any source or SCCM for auto-acquisition, discover all application dependencies.

User Acceptance Testing

Automated creation and execution of test case based on UAT scripts.

Application Performance

Key Performance statistics measured during UAT and business process test (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network & more).

Real-Time Dashboard

Single pane of glass with real time project updates and role based views.

Business Process Testing

Fully bespoke test case creation and automated execution to mimic a customer business process.

Automated Smoke Test

One click, fully automated out of the box application launch & load testing.

Instant Visual Diagnosis

Full visibility at point of failure, real time logs, screen shots & video of applications being tested.

T:+44 (0)207 977 0999 | info@camwood.com |