10 things i learned from
20 years at camwood

Learn to trust your instinct in people early – if I’d listened to my inner self more I may not have wasted time in believing others spin.

When running a services company there’s 3 guarantee’s in life. Death, taxes and the project you’re working on will end – work on managed services contracts to smooth out bumps in project up and downs.

Application compatibility is still a big thing, even all these years later and will be for some time yet.

People can change your business - good and bad, invest in people with strong values & honesty. They represent what you stand for.

“Cash is King” - learn about cash flow and forecasting quick, it can catch you out and will cost you in more ways than you expect.

Reach for the stars – despite others doubting your ambition, believe in your vision of your company and what its potential can be – you’ll be surprised where it can take you.

Beware of people that only want more and more money all the time, sometimes you can over believe in their capability and value.

Never be afraid to let go. I’ve had people that I thought we could never survive without, I was wrong. We can all be replaced and the collective is always bigger than the individual.

Be frugal – don’t waste your company resources, unless it’s in team building.

Enjoy the ride and have fun, working for yourself is the greatest form of corporate freedom you can have, and if you’re lucky, will give you many amazing experiences.

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