Software Asset Management Checklist

This short guide outlines why so many organisations have their software licenses so badly out of kilter, why your organisation is probably one of them, and what you can do about it.

  • How to inject business inteligence into your SAM approach
  • How using the right tools can make the whole process more effiecient
  • How to ensure your business only invests in the licenses it really needs

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APM Checklist

Recently gone (or going) through a major platform or technology migration? You’ve probably still got the scars to show for it. Now you wouldn’t want to go through that again would you? But it’s amazing how quickly the memory of caffeine fuelled late nights, spiralling budgets and strained relationships fades. And how quickly your applications fade with it – straight back into a state of chaos. Fill in the form below and download the checklist now to see how you can move from chaos to agility in five key areas.

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