Back to Basics: Application Packaging

//Back to Basics: Application Packaging

Back to Basics: Application Packaging

Back to Basics: A Guide to Application Packaging

Whether your business uses the Windows or Mac platform, you can effectively reduce costs and help-desk calls while boosting agility and user experience by turning to application packaging from Camwood. But what actually is application packaging, and how exactly does it realise all of these benefits? It’s successful because, in short, it takes your app portfolio back to basics…

A matter of beating the bulge

As your business grows, it could become more complex in its structure and, therefore, its app portfolio. Entering new business sectors, for example, can necessitate new talent and tasks, which could call for new apps, too. As your company expands and its app portfolio expands with it, operations could become more bloated, with your company using more apps than is necessary. In this situation, stripping away many superfluous aspects of the portfolio could bring more simplicity and, as a result, efficiency.

What exactly does application packaging entail?

The process of application packaging involves preparing structured software installations for automated deployment. The automated installations can be referred to as “packages”. Of course, the huge variety of structures across different businesses means that application packaging does not provide any single “one size fits all” solution; instead, each automated installation must be carefully tailored to meet the installation requirements for a particular corporate space.

This is crucial because separate businesses can differ in their needs for – to cite a few factors as examples – languages, software-related support issues, and desktop design standards. There is also a routine need to prepare separate packages for commercial software and applications made in-house.

The application packaging process followed by Camwood

Useful though application packaging can clearly be, it can be a time-consuming and bewildering endeavour unless the responsibility is handed to people with particular expertise in this area. Camwood employs such people for the benefit of many different companies. Once you have handed over the task of application packaging to us, we will go through four distinct steps:

Discover. We will gather all of the information that we require for each app.

Package. Using the gathered information, we will make the elected package format.

Test. We will test this package on the intended platform, whether it be Windows or Mac.

Deploy. Once the package’s efficiency has been proven, we will load into the deployment mechanism before assigning to users.

We offer a data sheet with more information about what you can expect from our application packaging service.

March 2nd, 2016|