The latest World Quality Report has demonstrated that quality assurance and testing budgets have been increasing 9% year-on-year, underlining the increased importance which businesses are placing upon having digital resources – such as applications – able to function without issue from day one.

At Camwood, we’re application specialists, and we can provide superior application testing services to make sure that yours are going to run smoothly when you need them. Here is a brief overview concerning everything which you need to know.

New technologies are making the business world ever more complex and innovative, so testing applications is becoming both increasingly important and far more challenging as time goes on. However, the essential aims remain the same. Application testing is conducted in order to make sure that performance and quality is up to scratch, that defects are identified and eliminated, and that the application runs in the exact way which it is supposed to.

You might be releasing software for part of an in-house team, or as a public release for your clients; you might be migrating to a new platform, a new user interface, or investing in a mobile application. In all of these situations, Camwood can be of assistance. We’ll bring a fresh perspective, expert knowledge, and years of experience with application testing to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled.

An effective testing regime will generally evaluate the following areas:

  • Functionality Testing: To ensure the end user can access all modules of the application.
  • Usability Testing: Checks that the application is easy to use, and that all information and/or instructions are provided clearly and concisely. For example, making sure that navigation is straightforward.
  • Interface Testing: Checks that interactions between the web server and the application or the application server and the database server are running smoothly. For example, making sure the appropriate action happens if the connection is reset.
  • Compatibility Testing: Covers compatibility between different browsers, operating systems, and devices. For example, making sure an application is able to run on a mobile device.
  • Performance Testing: Makes sure that web performance doesn’t suffer from heavy loads. For example, that a system can be sustained during peak times.

Our team will help you through the entire process, and then plan strategies to help address any shortcomings. Application testing is becoming increasingly important, so make sure it isn’t something you skip.