Many of us are very familiar with the experience of downloading a mobile app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play for our personal use. However, within a business, there are various hoops which can make swift deployment of relevant apps much trickier. Your company can smooth the whole process with integration of an Application Store from Camwood.

Common obstacles to hassle-free deployment of corporate apps

Your business could frequently find discerning which levels of staff should have access to which apps a serious logistical challenge. Furthermore, this task, though undeniably vital, can often leave your staff waiting days or even weeks for apps to be delivered after the requests for these apps have initially been logged.

Many members of your company’s staff could even find the procedure for submitting requests awkward and time-consuming, perhaps due to a software interface that fails to take sufficient account of your company’s unique structure and needs.

Benefits of an Application Store from Camwood

We at Camwood offer an Application Store service, through which your business can benefit from its own store tailored to its specific environment and scale. Upon making your initial request for this service, you can expect us to spend a significant amount of time discussing what your company requires in its Application Store – including needs of particular individuals, integration into systems already up and running, and suitable store design.

Once your company’s Application Store is up and running, the entire process of app deployment – from an end user’s initial request, right through to the actual app delivery – can be straightforward and streamlined. Here are the various stages.

Searching – Whatever application a worker within your company needs access to, they can search for that application among the inventory in the Application Store.

Requesting – The end user will then have to send a request for access to the app. This is a crucial step in ensuring that your business has the relevant licenses for app it delivers.

Approving or denying – Upon receiving and seeing the request, management can then judge whether access to the app should be permitted before they opt to approve or deny access.

Delivering – Should approval indeed be granted, the application will be deployed to the end user. The user can enjoy quick access – waiting days or weeks will not be necessary on their part.