Gumball 3000: The latest on my journey

  The Camwood Spitfire left Toronto en route to Detroit. The journey through Canada has been great, as we pass through Waterloo, London and many other English sounding names. Canada has been amazing and the people are very friendly. I must say that there seem to be more police cars than traffic.    Having gone through border control and re-entered the US in Detroit, we had our daily checkpoint at the HQ for General Motors… very apt to have the Gumball in Motor City the industrialised heart of the US car industry. We have continued our quest to raise awareness for Luca as Camwood’s chosen charity for the year in any interviews. By Detroit we will have completed 606 miles of the 3000 mile fundraising road trip and raised money for a worthwhile cause. Now it’s off to Indianapolis!


Gumball 3000: And they’re off!

The day is finally upon us. The Gumball 3000 2012 is here! Last night the cars lined up in Times Square in front of crowds of onlookers and my Mercedes SLS was unveiled for the first time.  Looking even better than the designs I posted earlier this week, the car was wrapped by Raccoon to look like Sir Douglas Bader’s spitfire. Sir Bader was a fighter pilot who lost his legs during a crash and was forced to leave the RAF. Against all odds he fought for re-acceptance when World War II broke out and continued to fly for his country. Once this heroic gent left the military he campaigned for disability rights and continued to fly until the ripe old age of 69. It was this valiant story that inspired my car’s design. Inspiration to take part in the rally came after reading about how a young boy called Luca from a town near Newport lost his legs and fought for his life after catching a killer infection in early January. Just like Sir Douglas Bader, Luca hasn’t let his disability dampen his spirits and the world has united to raise money to help him recover. His parents now need £1.5 million for their son to be fitted with prosthetic legs. Therefore all the money I raise from this trip will go to supporting him and I urge you to donate money yourselves via the Camwood JustGiving page. In a few hours time we’ll be leaving New York … Follow my adventures over the next six days, as I go coast-to-coast across North America, on our specially set-up @camwoodspitfire account.

Ensure early app thinking!

Migrating to a new operating system like Windows 7 makes an impact on every part of your IT operation, from hardware and networks to data centres and server farms. Many large enterprises focus on deploying the new operating system itself, getting hardware upgraded and working out every infrastructure issue first – the applications are an afterthought. What they’re not considering is just how large and complex their application estate has become since the last big migration – and how decisions made about applications will actually determine decisions about infrastructure (more so than the other way around). We firmly believe it’s far better to start with your applications strategy than leave it to the panic stages. Here’s why:
  • Your apps strategy is actually your user strategy – and everything starts with your users and what they need
  • Without a clear apps strategy, your infrastructure decisions will be wrong – building a virtualised data centre for desktop apps that won’t run in it is expensive
  • Only when you understand your apps can you develop accurate deployment strategies – you might have an ideal deployment plan, but your apps may not want to co-operate
We’ve seen dozens of companies run a well-oiled OS and hardware migration only to find that a lot of critical applications just won’t run on the new platform. The result: deployment silos, a proliferation of kiosk fixes and a fair amount of feathers flying around. Think apps first. The rest will follow. Download our “11 Mistakes in Windows 7 Migration” eBook now, to find out how to avoid some common issues.

Gumball 3000: Why I’m going coast-to-coast in a spitfire

In the first of a series of blog posts on the topic, I’d like to announce that this year, as CEO of Camwood, I’ll be getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes SLS and travelling across North America, raising money for charity, as part of the famous Gumball 3000 international road rally. Gumball was founded in 1999, (the same year as Camwood no less! This event has pedigree…). Gumball 3000 seemed like great fun, and an ideal way to raise money and awareness for a cause we regard as being particularly worthy. It’s a great honour to be going coast to coast to raise money for Luca, a 3-year-old boy who lost his legs after being struck down with Meningococcal Septicaemia in early January. We chose to support “For Luca” after being inspired by the incredible determination of a boy who battled for life against all odds. Like Vettel, Webber, Button, Hamilton and Coulthard, I’ll be ‘raising my hand for Luca’ and sharing pictures along the way. My vehicle of choice is a Mercedes SLS specially designed for Camwood by Raccoon to resemble the Spitfire flown by Sir Douglas Bader. A fighter pilot who lost his legs during a crash but fought to be re-admitted into the RAF when World War II broke out. Here are the designs for the car, which we’ll be having painted in The States a few days before the event.   Just like Luca, Sir Douglas Bader didn’t let his disability dampen his determination to live a fulfilling life. He spent his later years campaigning for disability rights and continued to fly until the ripe age of 69. The trip will take me coast to coast from New York to Los Angeles, through the mist of the Niagara Falls and up into Toronto, Canada, before a two-day pit stop in Indianapolis to watch the famous Indy 500. We will then spend a night in Kansas City and Santa Fe before burning through Death Valley and stopping to soak up the bright lights of Las Vegas. Finally, with the Hollywood hills in sight, I’ll be crossing the finish line on the boulevard in Los Angeles. Support me on my adventure by donating money to “For Luca” via the Camwood  JustGiving page. You can also follow my progress on twitter for the latest Gumball updates. More to come shortly…

Tips for upgrading Internet Explorer… Tip #1 – Audit your web app estate

You need to know how many web apps you’ve got and where they are.
  • Ask your in-house developers what apps they’ve built
  • Survey your power users (or the whole user base)
  • Check your web servers – see what’s being used
  • Don’t forget your Sharepoint sites
  • Camwood Survey
  • Proxy Server logs
  • Finance department (heavy users)
  • Intranet sites
Remember your business not only consumes web apps but also provides them to others – including your customers and suppliers. You need to make sure they all keep working under IE. Download our IE eBook for more information.