The bigger the application migration – the more intelligence you need

Let’s face it, this is the big one. Large enterprises have gone without a major upgrade of desktop OS platforms for a long time. Many skipped Vista but few are planning to forego Windows 7 and all it brings along in its wake (Internet Explorer 8 and 9, virtualization…). You can look at this major application migration in one of two ways: one big headache, or, as a massive opportunity to optimize your desktops, streamline your application estate and seize the advantages that new platforms deliver. Enterprises should take the opportunity to turn application chaos into application agility. It’s about changing the way major enterprises prepare for, budget, execute and manage their major application migrations (as well as ongoing app management). The first step is admitting you have a problem. Even the best-run companies with the tightest IT governance are essentially in a state of application chaos. Very few can answer questions like these with any degree of confidence:
  • How many applications do you license?
  • How many of these are actually used?
  • Who is using them, how often and for what purpose?
  • Which apps will migrate easily to which deployment platforms?
  • Which require a simple fix vs. extensive remediation?
  • What are the license costs?
  • What is the right cost for the software I need?
Without clear, accurate answers to these questions, your migration will always take longer than it should, cost more and increase the risk of business disruption, frustrate users and restrict future plans. We’ve helped many large enterprises migrate massive app estates and one lesson shines through: an optimized, ‘enlightened’ migration can drive down costs and project timescales by as much as 60-80% while dramatically decreasing software licensing costs. And prepare you for a hybrid app deployment strategy. The difference is Application Migration Intelligence, the systematic approach to collecting and leveraging knowledge about your applications to better manage migration and ongoing governance. Because it’s based on detailed facts about the readiness of your application estate, Application Migration Intelligence will also ensure that you choose the best possible deployment strategies. In short, Application Migration Intelligence will save time and money while driving down risk. You’ll arrive at the right platform and you’ll do it in better shape. To find out more how you can put the intelligence into your Application Migration, download our Application Readiness eBook