Citrix Accelerates Anytime, Anywhere Access with Acquisition of Camwood Partner App-DNA

Citrix Synergy Barcelona, Wednesday 26th October 2011: Citrix has today announced that it has agreed to acquire Camwood application compatibility software partner App-DNA. “App-DNA technology adds a significant component to the Citrix Desktop Transformation strategy aimed at helping customers speed deployments of desktop virtualization enterprise-wide. The App-DNA AppTitude product enables organizations to quickly and intelligently assess their application portfolio and migration plans. As part of the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model, this will give customers important information that will help them plan and more rapidly implement a strategy to deliver desktops and applications as a service to all users in the enterprise.” Frank Foxall, CEO of Camwood, original founders of App-DNA, comments: “This is great news and my congratulations go to Mike Welling and the extended team at App-DNA.  The overwhelming market demand for the AppTitude toolset clearly demonstrates Camwood’s visionary and innovative thinking in the application migration, virtualisation and desktop transformation space and we look forward to further strengthening our strategic relationship with Citrix as a result”. For more details read the full press release from Citrix or to learn more about Camwood’s extensive software portfolio visit our software pages.

Camwood at Microsoft’s Enterprise Partner Summit EMEA 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of receiving a special invitation to attend Microsoft’s Enterprise Partner Summit (EPS) EMEA, in the prestigious setting of the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France. EPS is the premier event for the most senior Microsoft-facing Executives as well as Executive sponsors within Microsoft Alliance and Microsoft Managed Partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and those that travel from the United States and Asia. EPS EMEA provides an opportunity for those partners attending the Summit to gain clarity on Microsoft’s enterprise strategy and priorities for the coming 12 months. It also provides an opportunity for partners to meet with Microsoft and other partners and to establish new relationships as well as deepen existing ones. Well firstly the setting was great, as Cannes was still basking in 28 degree sunshine – ideal for an event by the sea. I was really excited to be attending, as Camwood are a very small, niche partner in comparison to the Global SI’s. So why were Camwood invited? Because we provide an innovative approach to accelerating deployments of Windows 7 and App-V. Our focus is on helping organisations with their ‘thinking’, in readiness for their migration, a term that we call Enlightened Migration™. Having spoken to some of the key Global SI’s it is clear that they have an abundance of capability in the lower cost ‘doing’ arena, once it has been established what needs to be done. The area that they were most interested in with Camwood was the creation of the Application Strategy to enable them to take their clients forward. Who else can really drive the ‘What if’ scenarios …. What if I could tell you “which users had which apps, which apps were actually being used, which apps were compatible with your target technology, which apps consumed the most power and how much your apps cost” ….. Powerful stuff. That’s why Camwood were ranked in the Top 6 Microsoft Deployment Partners for ‘Jump Starts’. I had some really productive sessions with a number of the SI’s and also with key Microsoft personnel who really get what we do and how we can really help accelerate deployments and adoption of new technologies. The best part of the whole event for me was hearing how important the applications are with reference to collaborative working, cloud strategies, virtualisation plays and adoption of Windows 7 and 8. A great event in a cool setting with some positive outcomes. Next week it’s off to Barcelona to do the same for Citrix at their annual Synergy event.

Camwood launches Migration Resolve Service for enterprises struggling to migrate seamlessly to Microsoft Windows 7

New service addresses top 5 barriers to enterprise class migration success

LONDON: 04 October 2011 – Camwood Limited, the UK-based specialist in application logistics, today announced the launch of its Migration Resolve Service. The service is designed to address the requirements of an increasing number of larger enterprises, who are struggling to migrate applications to the Microsoft Windows 7 platform.  The Migration Resolve Service provides the tools, consultancy and support required to address the top 5 barriers to successful migration that Camwood is repeatedly seeing, as companies seek specialist support. Camwood’s Migration Resolve Service, which comprises best practice migration processes, consulting expertise and software tool-sets, is aimed specifically at helping organisations avoid the following mistakes, or provide remediation assistance to get a Windows 7 migration initiative back on track.
  1. Poor planning – Projects and programmes are underway, but due to poor planning, problems arise which become showstoppers. For example, organisations that dive in head first to a certain methodology, only to later discover that it is not appropriate and will make the project impossible to deliver.
  2. Acting solely on data from automation tools – Organisations have purchased automation and intelligence tools to help them plan, but then realise that there’s an overwhelming amount of effort and skills required to gain real value from the tools. These could be skills that are lacking within the tools vendor, internal staff or outsourcer.
  3. Buying cheap – The cheap option is not always the wise option. Organisations often find that skilling a team with contract resource or the cheapest offshore service will lead to disappointment when the project goes awry.
  4. Not recognising or retaining skills – The use of internal staff to satisfy demand will lead to significant issues, as a clear skills gap will become apparent when applications become complex. As the contract and permanent market is incredibly buoyant for the right talent, companies are also at risk of not retaining the required skills.
  5. Dependency ignorance – Many organisations have bought Application Virtualisation technologies in ignorance of the complexity of application dependencies.  They’ve invested and now they’re stuck.
Camwood CEO, Frank Foxall, commented: “At Camwood we are afforded excellent insight into the issues that enterprises are facing when attempting migration projects. This placed us in the ideal position to launch a service that could provide fast, effective, tailored assistance to organisations whose projects were at risk of failure or serious delay.” He continued: “The potential pitfalls associated with such a significant enterprise scale undertaking as an OS migration are vast, but the Migration Resolve Service is already proving to be a vital emergency service.” Camwood was recently ranked as one of the UK’s top 100 fastest growing private tech companies. The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 league table, published on 18th September 2011, lists Camwood at number 58. Contact us to find out more about this service and how we can help your business.