Office 365

I’ve been looking at Office 365 today and I guess that I must be missing something when I look at all the marketing and implementation messages.  We typically see in our customers anywhere between 400 and 1000 data files per user and a percentage of these files will have a hard-coded link to an out of date file share or link to the old file extension such as XLS.    There are also going to be a load of files with VBA, changed functionality for Office 2010 and deprecated functions.  So, if you’re moving to Office 365 – unless you’re planning to manually re-engineer your files, you need an option.  We at Camwood have a file remediation service based on clever software and very clever techies.  Maybe worth talking to us…

Camwood announced as one of the top 20 Microsoft Jumpstart partners globally

Camwood the world leader in application migration for enterprises has today been announced as one of the top 20 Microsoft Jumpstart Partners globally. Microsoft Jumpstart helps enterprises more easily move toward the next generation optimized desktop, including Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft Office 2010, and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) with proof of concepts and pilot programs, both hosted and partner driven. For more information, visit the Camwood Microsoft Jumpstart website. Jumpstart is a 10 day engagement to enable customers to quickly evaluate Microsoft desktop technologies in a controlled environment. Either part or fully funded by Microsoft for software assurance customers, Jumpstart can help you understand how the Windows Optimized Desktop solution can benefit your business: providing users the flexibility they need to be productive anywhere, whilst ensuring IT have the control they need to manage risk and keep costs in line. Camwood can deliver a tailored Windows 7 Enterprise OS, Office Professional Plus 2010, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), and Internet Explorer ® 8 internet browser rollout in a controlled lab environment. Jumpstart is an exciting way for customers to be ‘hands on’ with the latest Microsoft desktop technologies, and with our extensive desktop transformation and application migration experience, Camwood is perfectly positioned to demonstrate the benefits these technologies can bring to your business. CTO Tony Fones at Camwood said ‘Customers are making the choice every day to move to Windows 7 and Office 2010, at Camwood we have over 10 years experience in delivering successful application migration services to some of the largest organisations in the world. The Proof of Concept programme is a great way for customers who are considering the move to Windows 7 to demonstrate the feasibility of deployment” About Camwood Camwood helps large enterprises minimise the disruption and cost of major application migrations and platform changes. We call our approach Enlightened Migration™ and it is changing the way enterprises manage and migrate their application portfolios. It is all about faster migrations and change programs, lower support and migration costs and the smallest possible impact on users and the business. Camwood has over ten years’ experience in Application Logistics, including application migration, rationalisation & virtualisation for some of the world’s largest application estates. Our unique combination of expertise, software and methodology make us the preferred migration partners for the world’s largest enterprises – including Vodafone, Tube Lines, AMEC, Santander, RBS, Morgan Stanley, Sainsburys, Lloyds TSB, BAE Systems and HMRC.